Founded in 2000, Chi-Rho Financial is a leader in alternative investment management with over $575 million in assets under management as of June 30, 2019. Our demonstrated history of success across multiple market cycles makes us a valued partner to our clients, with over 20 years of experience in alternative investments. Drawing upon our extensive manager network and deep research capabilities, Chi-Rho has a proven history partnering with its clients to provide valuable insights in the world of hedge fund investing.

Chi-Rho is further differentiated by our framework of investing with integrity. Chi and Rho are the first two letters of Christ in Greek and we seek to embody that spirit as a firm. Our investment professionals hold themselves to a high standard of excellence and we treat our clients and managers as they would wish to be treated. We believe this philosophy, and hard work, to be complementary to achieving success in hedge fund investing.

Tailored Solutions

Chi-Rho offers two traditional, best-idea fund-of-fund products, as well as two investment platforms where bespoke portfolios can be constructed a la carte from a suite of approved hedge fund managers.

Dunwoody Partners, LP and Stone Mountain Partners, Ltd.

Dunwoody and Stone Mountain are diversified, traditional fund of funds consisting of over 30 hedge funds managed by Chi-Rho’s CIO, Joe Hurley, and the Chi-Rho Investment Committee. The Investment Committee takes an active approach to portfolio construction, seeking to act opportunistically to extract alpha throughout the capital allocation process.

Piedmont Partners

The Piedmont Partners funds offer a platform of over 30 hedge funds, enabling investors and advisors to build a customized portfolio of hedge funds from our deeply researched menu of managers, along with guidance and support.

The funds managed by Chi-Rho are not suitable for all investors. Certain criteria related to an investors’ current investment holdings, net worth, and/or income need to be met in order to qualify for investment.