Chi-Rho Financial is an alternative investment firm offering hedge fund solutions, comprehensive portfolio management, and additional advisory services to a wide range of accredited investors, advisors, and institutions. Founded in 2000 by Joe Hurley, Chi-Rho's leadership brings experience in alternative investments and has over $790 million in assets under management as of December 31, 2022. Our demonstrated history of success makes us a valued partner to our nationwide client base and global network of managers. 

A firm based on Christian values, we seek to honor Jesus Christ and our clients by investing with integrity and striving to deliver positive returns in both up and down stock and interest rate markets. We partner with managers who mirror our standards of excellence, values, and are properly aligned with our goals. 

Chi-Rho offers two traditional, best-idea fund-of-fund products, as well as two investment platforms where individuals, advisors, and institutions can customize portfolios constructed from a suite of approved hedge fund managers. We bring value by bringing clients “under-the-radar” funds run by proven managers with audited track records, quality back office/operations functions and differentiated investment strategies.

Tailored Solutions

Chi-Rho offers two traditional, best-idea fund-of-fund products, as well as two investment platforms where bespoke portfolios can be constructed a la carte from a suite of approved hedge fund managers.

Dunwoody Partners, LP and Stone Mountain Partners, Ltd.

Dunwoody Partners and Stone Mountain Partners are Chi-Rho’s flagship, commingled fund-of-funds, consisting of hedge funds managed by Chi-Rho’s CIO, Joe Hurley, and the Chi-Rho Investment Committee. These portfolios seek to provide capital appreciation by allocating assets among multiple investment managers who utilize a variety of strategies designed to provide investors with an attractive long-term rate of return. The Investment Committee takes an active approach to portfolio construction, seeking to act opportunistically to extract alpha throughout the capital allocation process. 

Piedmont Partners

Piedmont Partners is a platform of approximately 20-30 hedge funds, enabling investors and advisors to build a customized portfolio of hedge funds from our deeply researched menu of managers, along with guidance and support from the Chi-Rho team throughout the selection process.

Chi-Rho’s team complements its decades of hedge fund investing experience with a network of advisors and colleagues to enhance manager sourcing, verification, diligence, and market reviews. Our team consults with clients to determine customized investment portfolios, and a high-touch approach to monitoring our clients’ assets and needs leads to informed, proactive decisions.