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Dedicated to serving the interests of high net-worth individuals, institutions, and advisors, Chi-Rho Financial specializes in providing hedge fund solutions designed to fit individual client goals.  

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Our Offerings

Flagship Funds

Dunwoody and Stone Mountain are diversified, traditional fund of funds consisting of over 30 hedge funds managed by Chi-Rho’s CIO, Joe Hurley, and the Chi-Rho Investment Committee. The Investment Committee takes an active approach to portfolio construction, seeking to act opportunistically to extract alpha throughout the capital allocation process.

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Custom Solutions

The Piedmont Partners funds offer a platform of over 30 hedge funds, enabling investors and advisors to build a customized portfolio of hedge funds from our deeply researched menu of managers, along with guidance and support.

The funds managed by Chi-Rho are not suitable for all investors. Certain criteria related to an investors’ current investment holdings, net worth, and/or income need to be met in order to qualify for investment.

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Joe B. Hurley IV - Image

Joe B. Hurley IV

President and CIO

Joe Hurley founded Chi-Rho Financial in January 2000 and its predecessor, Chi-Rho Trading Company (a registered Commodity Trading Advisor-CTA), in 1994. Prior to founding Chi-Rho Financial, Mr. Hurley traded S&P 500 futures and options for the public as a CTA and maintained two unaffiliated trading partnerships with local traders on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange-CBOE. Prior to that he served as the Head Trader for Austin Calvert & Flavin, a Texas-based asset management firm, and its hedge fund, Encino Partners. From 1981 to 1992, Mr. Hurley worked for various member firms, hedging corporate currency liabilities and trading volatility and option pricing, as well as institutional fixed income sales. Mr. Hurley’s experience in investing and managing capital in hedge funds exceeds 25 years, and he has been continuously licensed with the NASD/FINRA and SEC for over 39 years.

Mr. Hurley is the Chief Investment Officer on the Chi-Rho Investment Committee and is responsible for managing the overall portfolios. He works closely with the Chi-Rho analysts, the underlying managers and other professional traders to source ideas and strategy. Mr. Hurley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Furman University and is very active with his family and various Christian ministries.

Steve Smith - Image

Steve Smith


Steve Smith joined Chi-Rho as Chief Financial Officer in 2001. Steve is responsible for the accounting and financial management for the general partner and investment funds. Additionally, he is oversees production of all client performance reporting. Prior to joining Chi-Rho, Steve spent 17 years in mergers, acquisitions, and private equity investing. Steve holds a B.I.E. in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Joseph “Bo” Hurley, CFP® - Image

Joseph “Bo” Hurley, CFP®

Vice President

Bo Hurley joined Chi-Rho as the Associate Director of Marketing in September 2009 and was promoted to the Vice President and Director of Marketing in December 2010. Bo is responsible for facilitating communications between Chi-Rho, and its various managers and investors. Bo works closely with each member of the Chi-Rho team to ensure that each of our investors receive current and timely updates on our managers. Prior to joining Chi-Rho, Bo worked as an Account Manager at Ink Publishing and Katz Media Group in Atlanta. He holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Georgia.


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